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E-CURATORS plans to work on 6 case studies blah blah blah...

Archaeology Data Service (ADS)

Insight on the Archaeology Data Service at the time of planning the fieldwork visit there (due for 17-20 December 2018) is based on:

  • The experience and past knowledge of its activities by members of the research team
  • Information online, mostly on the ADS website, and in publications listed there and found through searching for ADS and key members of its team on Google Scholar
  • Email communications with Julian Richards on the visit, active areas of relevant ADS activity, and kinds of information to be collected (mid-late November 2018)

This memo outlines areas of interest for E-CURATORS in ADS, elaborations of our research questions based on what ADS does and plans, and implications for our research instruments and methods - how we plan to actually conduct the fieldwork, the qualitative interviewing questions, document/data collection priorities, etc.

Major ADS activities of interest:


When? December 17-20, 2018

Where? University of York

Pyla Koutsopetria Archaeology Project (PKAP)

Overview of data collected:

- Video footage of two days of archaeological fieldwork (around 6 hours each), at one of three trenches at Pyla Vigla, near Larnaca, Cyprus - Recorded informal discussion throughout the two days of fieldwork regarding various practices and tools used (including with undergrads, trench supervisor, other staff) - Retrospective interviews with the co-directors, Brandon Olson (Metropolitan State University, Denver) and Tom Landvatter (Reed College) - Retrospective interview with the trench supervisor, Melanie Godsey (PhD student, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) - Explanation of the database, how it was made, its scope, the resources used, access rights, etc, by its creator who is a friend of the directors brought in for this purpose - Brief recording of work involving pottery washing, finds processing, etc - Focused footage of photogrammetry work, including discussion with Brandon who leads that effort - Everything is video recorded, and redundant audio was also collected using a pocket recorder - Transcribed handwritten notes, meant to introduce and contextualize the recorded scenes, externalize my thoughts in the moment, and reflect upon some ideas between periods of data collection


When? June 2-13, 2019

Where? Larnaca, Cyprus

Western Argolid Regional Project (WARP)

Overview of data collected:

The two field visits to the Western Argolid Regional Survey yielded highly interesting evidence and insights about this survey project. The audio recordings comprise more than 20 hours altogether, about half of it being interviewing and the other half being "think aloud", on the job, sayings by WARP people. We also have many hours of GoPro videos (with really poor audio).